Scipion 3

Cryo em image processing framework. Integration, traceability and analysis.

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Designed for ...

Structural biologists

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Cryo em facilities

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Software developers

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Free and open

Scipion is freely available and it's source code is 100% open. In exchange, please, cite, not only us, but ALL the software that helped you to produce your article. Your citations are our fuel to keep doing this.

Citing Scipion

Scipion: A software framework toward integration, reproducibility and validation in 3D electron microscopy

Citing 3rd party software

Scipion provides a easy way to export all methods used in a project to bibtex format. You'll find it under the methods tab, in the REFERENCES: section. You'll find there all the references for the selected protocols.

Developed by ...

... several teams across the globe. Scipion originated in Madrid, but nowadays its development is distributed among different academic institutions. Although the "core" of Scipion is developed in a few places, Scipion has become a "framework" ready to accept "new packages" (plugins) on the fly, therefore, there are already many people involved and we hope more people will join this project.
CNB building
CNB - Instruct Image Processing Center

Located in Madrid where Scipion project was initiated. It is the home of Xmipp, a classic in cryo em image processing software and one of the main locations were Scipion is produced.
SciLifeLab image

Located in Stockholm, lots of contributions to Scipion core and plugins as well as beta-testing in local EM facility happens here , facilities beta-testing and plugin developments are coming from there.
MRC building
MRC-LMB (unofficial)

This is not an official institutional collaboration, but contributions from Gregory Sharov and Joaquin Otón have to be mentioned here.
image representing all collaboration
Other locations

Many more people are contributing to this project. They have integrated their own software into Scipion, or helped with beta-testing or funded this project. This is a growing list you can find at the acknowledgements page.

UAM faculty building

UAM Personnel from the Computer Science faculty is actively contributing to this project.
image representing all collaboration
... and more to come.

Hopefully, cryoem software developers will realize this is a nice way to offer their software to our user base, and probably the best way to keep biologists focused on their research and not on installing/integrating software.