Scipion is produced mainly in Madrid, but it's final result will not be possible without the contribution of many people, institutions, and funders. We really wish to thank all of them and include everyone, but very likely the list bellow will get outdated. Please contact us to update it.

Gregory Sharov

For almost everything, making Scipion better, adding new packages and bugfixing.


For its contribution to the development of Scipion and having Scipion as it's processing framework in the facility.

Jose Miguel de la Rosa Trevin

For strongly contributing to scipion in all aspects, design, management, training.

Juha Huiskonen

For making scipion better integrating localrec into scipion.

Xmipp team

For adding new methods and strongly collaborating with scipion and testing the latest Scipon core developments, sometimes suffering. ;-)


For early adopting Scipion in their EM processing pipeline and enable connectivity to their LIMS system: ISPyB.

eBic -DLS

For early adopting Scipion in its automated pipeline and improving Scipion with useful feedback.


European Union and Horizon 2020 through grant (INFRADEV-1-2014-1, Proposal: 654248)

NVIDIA Corporation

For the donation of the Quadro GP100 GPU used for testing GPU methods.


This work used the EGI Infrastructure and is co-funded by the EGI-Engage project (Horizon 2020) under Grant number 654142.

CNB Cryo EM Facility

For beta testing our latest developments of Scipion and feedback.

Scipion team

For obvious reasons...

Javier Vargas Balbuena

For his contribution to Scipion methods

CNB Biocomputing unit

From its logistic support, administrative effort to the financial support of Scipion.

Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness

through Grants BIO2013-44647-R, BIO2016-76400-R(AEI/FEDER, UE)

Comunidad Autónoma de Madrid

through Grant: B2017/BMD-3817

Instituto de Salud Carlos III

through grants PT13/0001/0009, PT17/0009/0010


European Union (EU) and Horizon 2020 through grant iNEXT (INFRAIA-1-2014-2015, Proposal: 653706)


For its continuous support and use of Instruct resources, a Landmark ESFRI project.


European Union (EU) and Horizon 2020 through grant (INFRADEV-3-2015, Proposal: 676559)


European Union (EU) and Horizon 2020 through grant EINFRA-2015-1, Proposal: 675858

Beta testers

For testing Scipion in prerelease stages and giving feedback to make better and stable releases.

Roberto Melero

For his continuous feedback and use of Scipion and sharing his huge Cryo EM image processing experience with us.